AEC Software Isn’t Just for Accounting: How Everyone Benefits from the Right Technology

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms get it from all sides. Seller/doers need to find and win business. Accounting needs to keep cash flowing.

However, while most AEC technology solutions are well-equipped to support those needs, there are some key areas that historically have been left out—namely, project management, HR, and IT. What happened? Perhaps it’s a “squeaky wheel” scenario, where the areas of the firm with the most visibility get the most attention.  

Regardless, all these functions play a vital role in your firm. And since the key to the success of any organization is to be connected, it stands to reason that everyone should be using the same systems to do their jobs. Without technology connectivity, there is no organizational connected-ness.  

That lack of connectivity can have some serious consequences. You could be missing out on new business opportunities. Losing money on projects. Spending your technology budget on the wrong things. Impeding cash flow with inefficient accounting processes. Losing business—and employees—because you’re not staffing your projects correctly.  

Those are big problems that can all be addressed with aec360 because aec360 addresses every facet of your AEC firm. To demonstrate that claim, we’re hosting a five-part webinar series. In each 30-minute session, I’ll focus on one role or department and show how aec360 and the Microsoft cloud can make a significant difference in how you do your job and the results you get from your efforts.  

Session 1: Empowering Seller/Doers to Find and Win More Business  

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Seller/doers are charged with bringing in revenue—and that job never ends…never even takes a break. The key is a healthy pipeline, which is not easy in an industry that is so competitive. To find and win more work, seller/doers must uncover new opportunities with existing clients or find and connect with prospective clients. Both require a clear view of relationships, both internal and external. In this session, I’ll discuss proven strategies for improving win rates and cultivating a healthy pipeline, including how to:  

  • Put your firm’s relationships to work to uncover new opportunities and increase win rates. 
  • Leverage your firm’s experience and qualifications to create winning proposals 
  • Use pursuit intelligence and go/no-go decision support tools to make effective pursuit decisions and increase your bid-to-win ratio  
  • Gain and maintain a 360-degree view of your clients, relationships, pursuits, experience, and growth initiatives to find and win more work 

Session 2: Empowering Project Managers to Deliver Profitable Projects 

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AEC project management teams touch every revenue-producing engagement in the organization. They have the task of balancing project profitability with on-time and on-budget delivery. With many factors impacting both, you can start seeing a negative impact on the bottom line—and on your firm’s reputation—before you know it. Connectivity to help you build and deliver better projects while keeping budgets under control is key. In this session, I’ll explore proven strategies for managing the entire project lifecycle for on-time and on-budget, high-quality project delivery, including how to:  

  • Develop more accurate project estimates and budgets by building the project plan before the bid is delivered  
  • Effectively plan and manage resources to drive on-time delivery  
  • Put project and budget controls back in the hands of your project managers 
  • Leverage real-time insights to drive better utilization and project margins 
  • Improve collaboration across project teams to work smarter 

Session 3: Empowering Accounting Teams to Accelerate Your Firm’s Cash Flow 

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Accounting teams are arguably the backbone of any company—but especially with AEC firms because they control cash flow. Therefore, they must watch for places where cash can drain or be slowed or stopped; from inefficient processes to lack of visibility, there is a minefield of ways to hurt cash flow. In this session, I’ll discuss strategies for optimizing your most valuable resource other than your employees—your cash—by showing you how to: 

  • Streamline time and expense capture and approval processes 
  • Increase timesheet accuracy and easily chase missing timesheets 
  • Automate the review and approval of client invoices to ensure accuracy prior to sending them 
  • Enable project managers and other key employees to help collect open invoices 

Session 4: Empowering HR Teams to Find and Retain the Right Talent 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET 
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AEC firms depend on smart, capable people. Keeping good talent was already difficult, and then the great resignation made it that much more difficult. Firms are competing for the best talent, so you need to be particularly good at managing your employees, skills, qualifications, and performance goals. In this session, I’ll show you how connectivity can strengthen your talent strategy by:  

  • Build a centralized, self-service enabled repository of your employees and their competencies and qualifications  
  • Ensure key employee data flows seamlessly across all areas of your business, including to marketing and project management   
  • Accurately track experience and qualifications to build strong resumes and put the right people on the right projects 
  • Refine your performance management practices to develop and grow your employees’ skills, experience, and training to keep them sharp and satisfied  

Session 5: Empowering IT Teams to Drive Efficiencies, Automation, and Insights  

Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET 
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AI, RPA, low-code/no-code…Where to start? IT teams in today’s AEC firms face big challenges. Cloud transformation is happening fast, the industry is adopting emerging technologies, and employees are demanding more sophisticated tools to help them more effectively do their job.  

And it is all up to you to figure out what technology your firm should be adopting and how—and to do all that on a budget. In this session, I’ll discuss how you can drive better efficiencies, automation, and insights across your firm, including:  

  • Integrating systems and processes to reduce manual tasks and redundancies while increasing efficiencies  
  • Modernizing legacy applications, digitize manual processes, and drive automation with the Microsoft Power Platform 
  • Utilizing RPA technology to automate repetitive processes and focus on value-adding activities  
  • Leveraging Microsoft’s industry leading data and analytics solutions like Power BI to drive real-time visibility across the firm  
  • Simplifying your IT footprint and reduce your total cost of IT ownership (TCO) 

Realize the Benefits of a Connected Firm with Technology Everyone Can Use 

A connected firm is a successful, competitive firm—and the only way to attain it is by getting everyone in sync. Register for one or all of these sessions to see how aec360 can you’re your firm become connected. 

Michael D’Alesio is VP, Customer Care at HSO ProServ | Michael has served in many roles during his tenure in the Microsoft Partner Channel for the past 25-years.  Michael currently is responsible for supporting, enabling and strategically leading the HSO ProServ Team responsible for HSO ProServ D365 installed based customers to accept, adopt the Microsoft platforms to ensure they attain business value and user adoption.

Gary Mills serves as Senior Vice President of Finance, Planning & Analysis for HSO | ProServ. Gary’s diverse industry background brings a unique perspective to the company, with more than 30 years in corporate finance, banking and commercial real estate.

In his role as CFO of HSO | ProServ, Brian Lounds leverages deep experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to drive excellence into the organization’s financial and practice management practices. Having worked with Dynamics solutions since 1998, he has a strong understanding of technology solutions and their application
to business initiatives.

Whit McIsaac is CEO of HSO | ProServ and brings over 20 years of leadership experience in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem to drive the group’s overall business strategy. Whit was Co-founder and CEO of aec360 and legal360 prior to merging these practices into, where he served as CEO of the Americas prior to launching HSO | ProServ.

Andy Yeomans brings nearly 20 years of Microsoft Dynamics sales and marketing experience to lead the HSO | ProServ sales organization. Under Andy’s leadership, the organization has shown strong growth and has consistently been recognized by Microsoft as a top performing partner, winning multiple Microsoft Inner Circle and Partner of the Year awards.

Jan Dahl Sorensen’s deep experience with Microsoft Dynamics gives him a unique foundation to guide the HSO | ProServ client success team. As part of the original development team under Damgaard Data, Jan has been working with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions since 1995.

Joe Stuckey is EVP and Director of CRM Product Development for HSO | ProServ, leading the company’s CRM product development efforts across the legal, AEC, consulting, and accounting markets. Joe leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform technologies to design and develop purpose-built industry solutions.

Paramesh Rajan is VP, Technology at HSO | ProServ. Paramesh has served in many Microsoft Dynamics project and program management roles over the past 20 years, and currently drives the development of the organization’s vertical ERP and HR solutions and outsourced development services.

A highly respected Microsoft Dynamics veteran, Jen Wisemore serves as CAO for HSO | ProServ. Jen was instrumental in the launch of’s US subsidiary in 2007 and has served in a wide variety of roles within Microsoft Dynamics consultancies across sales, pre-sales, program management, and leadership capacities.

John Aschenbrener is Director of Delivery Services for HSO | ProServ. John brings over 20 years of Microsoft Dynamics project and program management, consulting, and architect experience to his current role where he is responsible for driving PMO standards, methodology, and overall project delivery.

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In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Sean Skiver brings nearly 25 years of broad Microsoft Dynamics experience to provide strategic leadership around product development and client delivery services across the organization’s solutions and industry segments.

Amy Spencer leads the team that is responsible for go-to-market strategies, messaging, and demand generation in the US.

Amy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from The College of New Jersey and has 25+ years of experience in marketing management for technology and professional services companies.

As Vice President of Human Resources for HSO, Kristen Ramerini is responsible for initiatives including recruitment, onboarding, professional development/career progression, performance management, culture, and employee retention. Prior to her position with HSO, she worked in human resources and recruiting for Seviroli Foods on Long Island and CCN, Inc. in New York City. She holds an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University and is PHR certified.

Darren Gooding is VP of Delivery for HSO | ProServ, leading the company’s CRM delivery across the legal, AEC, consulting, and accounting markets. Darren applies his 25 years of experience and HSO’s industry focused intellectual property to successfully deliver large-scale, global engagements that ensure customer success.